I cannot save the world. Besides nobody has done it and I am not going to do it; But I can change my heart for the good of the world.

Each of us has value because the creator has decided it to do so. From the smallest person to the most powerful, we carry in us, in each of us an important piece of light for the construction of peace, love, the future and success.

Education, as it has been proven, is an essential link necessary for personal and professional development; The Knowledge of his rights and duties and participation in the social and economic development of our society. That said each child has rights and the first right of the child is his happiness which goes through access to education, its nutrition, its protection and love.

Regarding globalization, it has its advantages and disadvantages. And within all the movements it generates; Women have started to wake up more and express their desire to assert themselves, to impose themselves and participate not only children’s education, but also in the economic development of society through their ability to create, manage businesses and enhance themselves. It is also an excellent relay of challenge in their phase of emancipation and personal and emotional development.

Within the foundation, we have put in place four forward factors which constitute the main lines of our actions :

* Women Empowerment

* Children’s education

* The fight against poverty

* Food and Access to Clean Water

* Covid-19 Fight & Families Support

Your donation made, whatever the sector of donation will allow you to participate actively in the well being of a woman, a child, a little girl, a village and especially to be part of an action which would change the life of a person in the world.