I can’t save the world. Nobody did and neither will I. Nevertheless, I can change my heart for a better world.

 Every human being has been made valuable. From the smallest one to the most powerful and in each of us, is enclosed a beam of light to contribute to peace, love, success and to the future.

As shown, education is an essential connection for personal and professional growth; awareness of one’s rights and responsibilities, as well as inclusion in our society’s social and economic development. That said, the first right of a child is happiness which goes along with access to education, nutrition, protection and love.

Regarding globalization and all the movement it generates, women have begun to awaken and express their desire to assert and impose themselves. Today, they participate not only in children’s education, but also in the economic development of the society. As a result of their ability to create, manage businesses and enhance themselves. Moreover, it created an excellent relay of challenge in their phase of emancipation, personal and emotional development.

Within the foundation, we have put in place five factors which constitute the main lines of our actions:

* “And  Now” The Women Empowerment Program

* Children’s education

*Boost African Youths” Give Youths African A New Motivation

* “Food Banks Program” For The Fight against poverty

* Food and Access to Clean Water

*  Poor Families Support

*  Stop Wars Save Lives

Your donation made, regardless of the sector will allow you to participate actively in the wellbeing of a child, a little girl, a woman, a village and therefore give rise to an action which would change the life of a person or people victims of Wars in the world.


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